Moodboard: Urban Fantasy Book Cover Examples

Urban Fantasy Book Cover Moodboard

What do Urban Fantasy Book Covers Look Like? Urban Fantasy covers tend to be dark with pops of bright colors and feature full body or near full body photos of one or more characters. While mostly photography-based, the images are manipulated to have an illustrated appearance. Covers with female characters …

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Designer Interview: Daqri of Covers by Combs

Hello Daqri from Cover by Combs! Tell us about your creative journey.  It started with a love of books–and art! Writing, art, graphic design and programing were my biggest escapes as a teenager and still as an adult. I had experience designing covers, and over the years I’ve been soaking …

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Designer Interview: Emma Rider of Moonstruck Cover Design

Welcome to Emma from Moonstruck Cover Design! Time to dig in… why did you become a cover designer? Books are life! I’m an avid reader. Books got me through bullying growing up. They got me through the worst times. I knew I wanted to share the life-changing, magical experience because …

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Designer Interview: Kris Hack of Temys Designs

Welcome to Kris Hack of Temys Design! Let’s jump right in… How did you become a book cover designer?  I started out as an author. I enjoyed writing but there was something missing. An author friend of mine asked for help with her cover design since I knew a bit …

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Writer Communities

Writing and publishing can be a lonely business. Connecting with colleagues helps with creating better work through critiques, gaining knowledge from authors who have “been there,” as well as growing your network and making friends. Regional | Alabama | Alaska | Arizona | Arkansas | California | Colorado | Connecticut …

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Essential Reading for Authors

Welcome to our list of Must Read Books for Authors. This collection of books was recommended by our community of authors as some of their all-time favorite books about writing and the business of self-publishing. Got a recommendation? Feel free to contact us with your book suggestions and we’ll add them …

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Designer Interview: Karen Dimmick of Arcane Covers

Welcome, Karen! Tell us about your creative journey. What was your path to becoming a book cover designer? I used to be an author and I was helping organize a big anthology we were doing for charity. I’d been getting stories from others, doing the contracts and the formatting and …

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